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TRAKD will help you Organise, Control and Grow your Building Business...

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Do these problems sound familiar?


Job Changes / Extras

How often have you lost money on a job because of a job change or extra work which the client contested?


Organising Staff

Do you spend excessive time on the phone trying to locate and organise staff on jobs?



Are you constantly emailing information to yourself, or trying to locate client communications?

What is TRAKD?

TRAKD is a simple, yet powerful online application that lets you grow your business without increasing your admin. It will help you manage your jobs, clients and workforce better as well as giving you useful insights into how profitable each and every job has been, enabling you to focus your efforts more effectively.

Take a look at the features

Automated Staff Notifications

Email or text your staff automatically the evening before each job so they know where they need to be and when - you can even tell them where the key will be to let them in!

Scheduling Flexiblity

Use TRAKD's various views to forecast availablity of staff and assign them to specfic jobs with ease.

Tablet and Mobile

TRAKD works wherever you need it - use your phone, desktop or tablet to carry out the same tasks in the office or on the go - all you need is internet access.

Job Status at a Glance

Easily see which jobs are awaiting quotes, which need following up and which are due to start soon.

Dedicated Client Access

You can give your clients access to an easy to use portal where they can see job documents, as well as signing off any job changes with ease.

Powerful Budget Reporting

See how much has been spent on a job to-date, view breakdowns between labour vs materials or explore reports based on job size, location and customer type.

TRAKD has organised our processes and given us time to concentrate on developing the business.

Josh Hudson, Barr Joinery

I'm a small builder and not always in the office. It's so handy to be able to check things out while on the move.

Edward Paley, EP Building Services

TRAKD has transformed my business by giving me back at least 3 hours per day.

Stuart Barr, Stuart Barr CDR

My business looks so much more professional with the support of TRAKD.

Emmett McGovern, Quod Electrical

We know exactly how much money we've spent on a project to the penny.

Sammy Foot, Barr Kitchens

Over 4 years I have seen huge growth in my business made easy with the support of TRAKD.

Stuart Barr, Stuart Barr CDR

From only £2.50 per day. Contact us to find out more...

Get in touch and we'll be happy to take you through all of the features of TRAKD.

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